Oral sex is always like a cherry on the top of the seduction cake for both parties. This is a pre intercourse preparation which can movie couple towards the seduction state. Sex experts always recommend to have oral sex to enjoy the best sexual session for any couple. If you want to make your sex session more exciting and pleasurable then you need to learn the art of oral sex. Here in this post we are going to give you some best oral sex tips which can bring happiness and seductiveness for you and your Delhi Call Girl partner in bed. Let’s get started with some of the useful oral sex tips which can help you a lot during an exciting sexual session.

Never Hurry Up Just Take Your Time

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No doubt sex session is always full of excitement and people just want to enjoy the best moment faster. But here you can slow down the foreplay rather than just rushing things like you have no time. You can simply take your time and kiss your partner slowly all over the body of Call Girls which will increase the anticipation and all both of you to seduce perfectly without any hurry which is always a pleasurable moment for any couple.

Use Your Hand Gently

According to experts if you can use your hand perfectly during oral sex then you can definitely enjoy it more than you expect. If you are a Male and hired an escort then you can use your hand and mouth for a blowjob on the other hand your figure can easily seduce your female Call Girls by stimulating the g spot easily.

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Try 69 Position For Best Oral Sex Experience

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69 position is a classic position in which a couple can enjoy the best seduction ever. You can enjoy the real oral sex pleasure in this vintage position and can seduce your partner easily without any difficulties. No doubt oral sex with 69 position offers mutual satisfaction with utmost comfort and pleasure.

Oral Sex Is All About Confidence And Praise

During oral sex, you need to show more confidence and never ever hesitate to praise the genitals of your partner. Couples can also watch porn during oral sex to fantasize about everything in a better way which always helps to remove all kinds of worries and anxiety. Porn videos can enhance your focus on oral sex as a result you can enjoy more with your partner.

Try these oral sex tips and yes! don’t forget to share your experience with us. Thank you!

Frequently Asked Questions

No, It is not recommended to have sex 69 Position without protection. As Girls changes with menstrual cycle, You can use condom for that. However, you have fantasy then you can do but you have pay extra charges most of the time.

You can put your hand or put your all palm or start cupping the vulva and displacing that feeling or that stroke up towards the stomach or the bum. ” piping hot tip do not go direct for the clitoris, make up to it, by fondling the inward and outward labia, urethral opening or Skene’s glands

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