Does Size of Penis Matters


For a long time, most men have wondered if it really matters the size of the penis when it comes to having sex. In fact, we are still asking this question today and it is still one of the most commented unanswered questions in our history.

For a long time, most men have wondered if it really matters the size of the penis when it comes to having sex. In fact, we are still asking this question today and it is still one of the most commented unanswered questions in our history.

We say that the question of: does the size really matter? 

It is a question without an answer because there is no consensus to answer it. The controversy is served, some say that the size of the penis does not matter, others, on the contrary insist that the size of the penis is one of the essential factors to take into account in sex.

To try to give a scientific answer to the issue of size, many researchers  decided to study the subject thoroughly. Many consist of conducting surveys and direct and specific questions to women, who are the direct recipients of vaginal pleasure when introducing a penis.

However, to take these studies as valid, we would have to be certain that none of the women surveyed has lied in any of the answers given. As it is impossible to be one hundred percent, sure that the participants have responded with the truth, we will explain some testimonies and curious facts about the size of the penis to draw our own conclusions at the end of the post.


Let’s also clarify one thing: important for whom?, important for what?


The first person we asked, a 35-year-old woman tells us the following: Do I have to respect what size is a normal size? We remember that the penis measures in erection of average size, 14 centimeters, more or less for a Spanish man. More specifically 13.58 centimeters for what I could read respectfully. If it is enough? It depends on many factors … And what would that be enough for?

The function of the penis is clear and therefore its size is more than enough. Of course, if they are referring to the micro penis (remember that it is not that we call it that because, yes, it is a medical term and is used for a penis of less than 7 cm). There, it could be a problem since there must be penetration and if the penis does not meet certain requirements, the woman could end up feeling almost nothing, and if someone doubts it, this is something a doctor should see.

A penis must be powerful, hard, and then regarding the size it is totally irrelevant. So it does not matter if the penis is a micro penis or not, all the penises are able to feel pleasure, independently of the centimeters that measure.

Actually the existential question is how man should give pleasure to the woman and there are certain obvious requirements, so much that people say no because the size does not matter (the vagina is about 10-12 centimeters long, although in excitement the size, could increase a little).

A penis should then occupy all that vaginal wall to be able to obtain the greatest pleasure desired. But, there is one very important thing, and that is that vaginal wall is full of nerve endings, then it is very sensitive and a middle penis can stimulate the vagina and vulva even if it does not occupy everything.

A very large penis could then cause discomfort and pain instead of pleasure and orgasm.

What we do not have to forget, is the fact that more than 85% of women obtain orgasm through the stimulation of the clitoris, so the size of the penis becomes a totally banal subject.

It is clear that if we think of penis + vagina = penetration as the main sexual relationship, then obviously, we can get confused and think only about the size of the penis. But if we think about stimulation and reach orgasm, which is really the main objective, maybe already the size of the penis is not so important, right?

We have studied some results of researchers who asked 105 women about the sexual attractiveness of several men by computer, according to the height, the silhouette, several factors and obviously the size of the penis at rest. All of them responded anonymously and evaluated the man as a whole.

The results have been quite clear, larger penis size, more attractive was man. It is clear that a small penis does not attract so much, the centimeter of more or less is an important difference and the researchers have clearly seen it according to the parameters analyzed, however, with a penis of a size greater than the average, the attractiveness does not vary in a substantial way.

The height and size of the penis are related according to the results of the study, and they two have a similar importance. The study has also found that size is more important in tall men than in short men. Curious, is not it?

Researchers have given a reason, and that is that a penis of 10 cm at rest seems smaller in a tall man than in a short man.

Finally, do not forget that every woman has different tastes… There are women who although the penis is smaller will give more importance to the ardor, passion and morbid and others however only want a big penis even knowing that it is not so necessary to reach orgasm, but it is only a matter of virility and excitement in the sight of that robust and large member.


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